"Semytsvit" is a new project of "Intergal-Bud" which has been implementing according to "affordable housing for a comfortable life" principle.

• Located in quiet green part of the city
Enjoy not only comfortable apartment, but breathtaking panoramas. The windows open on the green hills of the district, the gold domes of the St. George Cathedral, spires of the St. Elizabeth Church. Opera House is on walking distance - just 15 min. on foot
•Safety above all

"Semytsvit" is a safe place to live, work and bring up children. A residential estate is fenced and there is controled access to the territory. Moreover, there is a room for a concierge service in each building as well as modern fire prevention system.

• Convenient parking near the apartment

There is a guest parking plots as well as an underground multi-storey car park designed for the residents. Bicycle owners do not need to look for a place to leave their "iron horse" - each of the buildings equipped with bike racks.

• Developed social infrastructure

"Semytsvit" is the residential estate with developed social infrastructure. A large modern playground with great play equipment for toddlers and pre-schoolers as well as older children will be installed. There are large sections of grass lawns to lounge on, flower beds to admire, picnic tables, benches to relax and read a book in the “Semytsvit” residential estate. Moreover, a kindergarten and a shopping mall will be constructed.

Main characteristics

The total area of the territory  - 7, 7021 ha
The total number of buildings - 11 units

Modern technologies
  • Brick house
  • Windows: energy-efficient, single-pane
  • Front door: anti-fired steel
  • Heating: gas boiler with collective system of smoke extraction
  • Modern noiseless elevator