Schedule for Easter


Every home in Ukraine is about to be filled with the grace of God and the aroma of sweet scents, because this Sunday we will all be celebrating Easter.
Our sales team is no exception, so we announce that we are off from April 18 to April 20. Good holidays, good health and a delicious Easter!
As of Tuesday, we will be glad to contact you at:
headquarters of Old Market Square, 8
Near the residential complex "Semitsvit" st. Shevchenko, 60
tel .: 098 788 11 88

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Central office

Lviv, Staryi Rynok Square, 8
+38 (098) 788 11 88
+38 (032) 297 11 61

Sales department

Lviv, st. Shevchenko, 60
+38 (098) 788 11 88
+38 (032) 297 11 61

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Thank you for your inquiry

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