19 years of development and leadership: "INTERGAL-BUD" celebrates the company's birthday


Every year on Builder's Day, August 14, the "Intergal-Bud" company celebrates its birthday. This year — on the nineteenth.
Despite everything, we have reason to be proud. The company "Intergal-Bud" was and remains the leader of the construction market of Ukraine. Even in extremely difficult circumstances, we continue to work and provide Ukrainians with modern and high-quality housing.

During these 19 years, we implemented many projects, realized the dream of owning apartments for more than 19 thousand families, won many industry awards and were repeatedly recognized as the best developer. And most importantly, we have gained the reputation of one of the most reliable developers, with no unfinished business in its portfolio.

Now, when the country has been engulfed in war, we are holding our front - the construction front. We work tirelessly to build the future of Ukraine. And this future will be peaceful.

Everything will be Ukraine!

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